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What Others Are Saying

  • “I met Mike and his team two years ago. I can honestly say that they have had the biggest impact on the success of  my local consulting business. In a time when I had left my corporate job to begin my own business, their training was the crucial for building out our new structure, values, and culture . If you are looking for efficient, realistic, and actionable training for how to build a business and sales, look no further. “

    - Josh Lannan
    On Balance Media

  • “They broke the mold at the very start of the MSP revolution. They were the first to really understand the business model from marketing all the way through to delivery. I had never seen and I was astonished at how focused and driven they were toward every process of their business. They are on my top 10 list of ‘WOW Entrepreneurs’.“

    - Arnie Bellini
    CEO ConnectWise

  • “I just closed a complete nationwide online brand management and business launch marketing campaign for $93,000 per month with a 2 year minimum. 3 out of the 6 board members have other ventures they want us to manage their online marketing after hearing what I had to say. Never would have happened if I had not been introduced to Mike Cooch’s training. Really, I view Mike as a virtual mentor. Almost every successful entrepreneur has a mentor and I am firm believer of why. Had it been up to me, the guy that started in the online marketing industry selling websites for $599  there is now way I could have presented myself in the corporate sector without Mike and his training. Thank You Mike!!!”

    - Amir Luis
    Media Consultant

  • “I cannot give anything but praise to Mike and the service he and his team provide. if you are looking for someone to trust in online space that is full of danger for the budding entrepreneur, you could not do any better than follow Mike and his advice and that is a fact.”

    - David Marschall

  • “Not only have I learned a lot of very crucial concepts and strategies to build a business from Mike Cooch but he was the catalyst for me to finally get serious and get my business off the ground. And for that I owe him a debt of gratitude.”

    - Paul Ladendorf
    Performance Marketing

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